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Wednesday Night is Wellbeing Night

Wednesday Night is Wellbeing Night

Do you ever feel like you get yourself stuck in a rut? Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Eat dinner. Watch telly. Go to Sleep. Repeat. This is the routine I feel like I’ve been living with the past few months and it’s beginning to grind my gears.  Being a teacher, my work can get incredibly busy and stressful, and I find myself not getting home until about 7 o’clock most nights.  People talk about having a healthy work/life balance, but at this point in time I have no idea what this is. Whether its worrying about lessons, pupils or the every growing pile of marking I have to do, there is always something keeping me up at night.  It’s time to make a change and break the habits.


On Wednesday night, I was invited to the Novotel in Glasgow City Centre to take part in a “Wellbeing for Life Workshop.”  This event led by Kezia Hall over at supernaturally healthy, was the  perfect opportunity  to discover what changes I could make to get myself out of my little stress bubble.  The night led by both Kezia and Gaynor Simpson, a representative of Arbonne cosmetics; and focused on how what we eat and put on our skin effects our mood and wellbeing.


Kezia is a woman on a mission to get the nation healthy and happy, through a unique combination of nutrition and life coaching.  Being a qualified Health Coach, Kezia is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And, wow, can this girl can make a mean brownie!  Kezia offers a full range of services, whether it is one to one consultation, to help kick start that healthy lifestyle; to offering ecourses to help you get ‘healthy, slim and thriving.’  On top of all of that, she runs her blog , supernaturally healthy, where she shares some AMAZING tasty recipes which will make you salivate all over your keyboard at the sight.

Learning about the extent your diet has on your mood and wellbeing has definitely made me want to change my habits.  The great thing is you don’t have to chuck your emergency chocolate stash in the bin and buy sugar snap peas instead! Its about making small, sustainable changes, which over time will become embedded in your routine.  My first change is to ditch the crisps at break and have a piece of fruit instead.


The second half of the evening was lead by Gaynor, an independent consultant for Arbonne cosmetics.  Arbonne is non-retail brand, whose products are only available online or through an Arbonne representative.  The company offers great products which are all botanically based, cruelty free AND vegan approved.  So you really are getting the bestingredients for your face and body.  They have a vast range catering for baby’s first bath, through to anti -aging products for the more mature customer.  I had a great time trying all the samples and thing I might treat myself to some make up goodies and complexion cream.  Why not! There are so many products to choose from, you will be overwhelmed by the choice.

Just a selection available from www.arbonne.com
Just a selection available from www.arbonne.com


I had a great time learning about all the different products on offer and gaining some useful tips to get me started on my journey out of my rut.  I’m looking forward to perfecting Kezia’s brownie recipe, but with my baking record it may take me a while!  Have you been stuck in a rut recently?  How did you break your habits?

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