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Unfinished Projects

Unfinished Projects

…The Tale of Idle Hands.

As 2015 turned into 2016, I made a promise to myself.  

I promised that I would finish all the half sewn projects I had been working on before I’d let myself start anything new.  Fast forward to March and my pile of half sewn garments are still as I left them. Hanging over the mannequin looking sad and incomplete.  

Over the past few weeks, I have been getting really frustrated with myself for my lack of sewing, lack of content and my general lack of motivation towards anything lately.  What doesn’t help is looking at other sewing bloggers and wondering where they get the time to create  all these amazing garments AND the time to write about it.  These bloggers have their shit together.

Juggling a new job and life seems to have gotten in my way; but I am determined to pull my socks up and get back in about it.

I am not the kind of person that breaks promises to other people, or myself; so I have decided that the only way to motivate me to get these projects done is to put it in back and white for the world to see.  Then, hopefully, I’ll be embarrassed enough with how long they have been sitting idle for me to pull my finger out and get them done.  And have some pretty new things to wear as well.

The List Of Shame

First up on the lost of shame is this midi green suede skirt.

Pattern: The Charlotte Skirt, By Hand London.
Pattern: The Charlotte Skirt, By Hand London.

I actually started, and finished, this skirt in March last year.  However, being suede I forgot to take into account a.) the lack of stretch in the material and b.) that I needed extra strong thread to hold the material together.  The first time I wore this skirt the stitches started to pop and I ended up with massive holes in it while walking down Great Western Road; all the while waddling as I couldn’t stretch my legs properly because it was so tight.  Not my finest hour!

What needs finishing?

To salvage this skirt, I have decided to hack it into a mini for more leg movement.  With the excess material I am going to create a new waist band as I had to pretty much sew myself into it the last time.  Again, this was not a good look.

Estimated time it will take to finish this project: 1 hour.

Photo 12-03-2016, 19 11 21

Numero 2 on the hit list is the Alder Shirt dress that I started last July as part of a creative pattern altering course at The Stitchery, Glasgow.

What needs finishing?

The toile is pretty much ready to go- I have already done the fitting and the alterations required.  I just need to practice putting in the collar and find the perfect fabric for this shirtdress.  Not too much work to do.

Estimated time it will take to finish this project: 1 hour for the toile and then possibly 3/4 hours for the final garment.

And last but not least… The project I have been working on the longest.  That bloody jacket.

I  have to hang my head in shame.

This has been keeping my mannequin warm for, hmm, coming on a year and a half now.

I really want to finish this jacket, but at the same time, I am petrified to make a mistake as the fabric is long out of stock!

What needs finishing?

This bad boy needs: Sleeves, lining, a belt and finishing.  Me finishing this jacket is a long standing joke in my household; but, it is getting to the stage where its just embarrassing now.  So, if anyone out there wants to finish it for me that would be great?

Estimated time it will take to finish this project: This project is going to take a looooong time to finish.  I expect maybe about 5-8hours.  However, if making a jacket has taught me anything it’s that I need to take my time at each stage to make sure its perfect.  So, yeah, that’s why it’s taking me so long…


Ok, so technically I have a few more project that I haven’t quite got round to finishing, but I am thinking that these three will keep me going for now!  Do you have a pile of unfinished garments hiding in your sewing pile?  Fancy sharing them with me so I know that I am not the only one who doesn’t finish things?  Help me shed my sewing guilt!




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