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Tutorial: Making an A Line Skirt.

Tutorial: Making an A Line Skirt.

The other day I was cleaning out my sewing room and I came across some beautiful blue fabric that I had long forgotten about.

I bought this fabric from Cloth Spot Fabrics back when I was making my trousers, but never quite got round to making anything out of it.  Now, I know I am banned from starting any new projects: I just couldn’t help myself with this one.  AND, I never spent a penny as I already had everything in my supply box.  Win, win.

I decided to make a basic A-line skirt and using my simple tutorial you can make one too!

What you’ll need:

  • An A-line skirt you know fits you well.
  • Around 1m of fabric (forgot to measure how much I used!)
  • An 8inch zip.
  • Thread, I used a contrasting white thread.
  • Paper .

Photo 19-03-2016, 19 19 07


Step 1

Fold your skirt in half and place on top of your paper, making sure the fold lines up with the straight edge of the paper.

Photo 19-03-2016, 19 21 54


Draw around the outline of the skirt, then add in additional seam allowance (I added 5/8″).

This single pattern piece is all I used to create my skirt.

Step 2

After cutting out my paper pattern, I placed it on top of my folded fabric.  Matching the straight edge up to the fold.  Pin and cut, leaving me with the front piece of my skirt.

Photo 19-03-2016, 19 46 38

For the back piece, I pinned and cut two separate pieces which we will join with the zip.

Step 3

Now, lets get down to some sewing!

I started with the trickiest aspect of the skirt- the zip!  For this I marked where the zip ended with some chalk and then, using a straight stitched sew’d the bottom part of the seam together.

Photo 19-03-2016, 20 02 15

Press the seam allowance open so you can start to position the zip and get an idea of how it will look once sewn in place.

Once you are happy with the position of your zip, baste it into place using a hand sewing needle and thread.  Believe me, you will save yourself hours of unpicking (and rage) if you hand sew it in first.

Photo 20-03-2016, 10 10 42
You can see the remnants of my unpicking in this photo…

Once you are happy with your zip- then we hit the machine peddle! I went for contrasting thread to make the zip on my skirt a statement.  If you are doing this- make sure that you are fully confident in your straight stitching.  Cos’ if you go off course, well, everyone will see it!

Step 4

The next step is to sew the front and back pieces of your skirt together.  Do this by lining up the edge of the fabric and using a straight stitch to sew together.


Photo 20-03-2016, 11 00 52

I then used my over-locker to finish all the edges including the waist and the hem of the skirt.  I love using my over-locker to finish seams as it gives the garment a professional look and feel.  However, if you don’t have this piece of equipment,  you could use pinking shears or french seams to give a neat finish.

Step 5

Photo 20-03-2016, 11 28 36

We’re almost there! To complete the skirt, I folded down the waist and stitched -no waist band needed on this blog! I then did the same on the hem.  Once you’re done give it a good press and you’re ready to roll!

Photo 20-03-2016, 14 47 42


Photo 20-03-2016, 14 41 29

Can we just take a minute to appreciate these Bebaroque tights !?*Swoon*

So there you have it, a simple A-line skirt perfect for any occasion!  Have you ever made your own pattern?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love, love




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