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The Ultimate Green Juice

The Ultimate Green Juice

Being on the go with a little one all day, every day means I am constantly forgetting to eat!


Since the new year, I have started making smoothies/juices to have on the go in the mornings.  My logic is: if I am forgetting to eat, at least I have some form of vitamins in my body to keep me going!


This green juice was made completely by accident.  I opened the fridge one morning and started throwing in fruit and veg that we had that was about to turn!  Luckily, it turned out to be super tasty.

Ingredients (Serves 1):

about 4 or 5 apples apples, mixture of red and green.

A lime

3cm of ginger (you can add more or less, depending on your preference)

A handful of kale

1 stick of celery and

Some Ice





  1. Chuck the apples, lime, ginger and celery in the juicer, and juice.
  2. Pour the liquid into the blender with the kale and ice, and blend.
  3. Pour into a glass and TA-DA you are done!!


And there you have it: a quick, simple, and healthy juice to keep you going through the morning!

I love when happy accidents happen and you end up with something ridiculously tasty.  Hopefully, next time I play smoothie roulette it will be as successful.



I am always on the look out for new recipes, leave me yours in the comments below.

Love, love

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