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The Great Salt n’ Sauce Debate.

The Great Salt n’ Sauce Debate.

2014 is the year that all eyes are on Scotland.  It is a year where amazing things are happening and we show the world how great a nation we are.  The Commonwealth Games highlighted what has been known for years, Scotland is one of the most welcoming countries you will ever visit.  The people are warm, and inviting, and we have some views to die for.  But, there is one major thing that divides our small nation.  And it’s what we have on our chippy dinner.  So, here is the million dollar question: Are ye salt n sauce; or, are ye salt n vinegar?


You can tell a lot about a person from their answer to this question.  Most importantly you can tell from where they hail.  West Coasters tend to go for the salt and vinegar option, drowning their batter in the malty goodness.  However, if you reside on the East coast of Scotland, you chip shop condiment is like nothing you have ever encountered before. “Chippy sauce” as its christened, is a delicate mixture of brown sauce and vinegar that just tastes oh so good.

When I moved to Glasgow at the ripe old age of 17, I felt like I was coming home.  But, being born and raised in Livingston, I was partial to the brown sauce of champions.  So imagine my disgust and horror, when on my first visit to a Glasgow chip shop I was asked if I wanted salt and vinegar.  When I asked for brown sauce, I was offered a sachet, A SACHET, of HP sauce for an extra 20p.  Just naw.  After 5 years of living in Glasgow, I have just about managed to adjust myself to West Coast way of life, but vinegar on chips is still a bit foreign to me.


After buying a token bottle of chippy sauce on the way home from a night out in the ‘Burgh, I can enjoy a taste of home on take away night.  The watered down brown sauce is dubbed as the “clatty sauce” in our household by my better half.  I don’t know if it’s the watery texture or the fact that it distributed from a water bottle that has helped it gain its name.  My advice for any East Coaster living in the big bad West, a glass bottle of ‘clatty sauce’ is exactly what your store cupboard needs to make you feel at home!

To all the West Coasters reading these random ramblings, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Treat yourself to a bag of chips next time you’re in the capital.  And, don’t forget to get them drooned in salt n’ sauce.  Go on … Come to the dark side.

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