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The Great Coffee Table Debate

The Great Coffee Table Debate

We have a long standing debate in our household: To coffee table or not to coffee table?


Currently, we have a really old wooden habitat coffee table in our livingroom- that did have a glass top at one point- but after many spillages and years of abuse, it is time to bid farewell and to replace it with something new.


But, what to replace it with is the hot topic round the dinner table right now.


The Great Debate

We have two ideas:

  1. Replacing the current coffee table with another coffee table? OR
  2. Biding farewell to a central table all together and opting for a few new side tables instead?


To try and settle our debate, I jumped onto one of my favourite retailers BoConcept to find some inspiration.  I love their modern, designer furniture and with local stores in Glasgow, and Edinburgh, their furniture would make any house instagram worthy!

Coffee Table Contenders

Barcelona Coffee Table


Chiva Coffee Table

I love both of these coffee tables, and you can see a recurring theme with my choices!  The walnut wood would tie in well with our fire place and bring the whole room together.  With contemporary, geometric shape on the top of these tables, I would happily have either of these in my living room.

Side Table Contenders




Cartagena nest of tables




Bornholm Side Table

Getting rid of the coffee table all together would open up the room creating more space and having a rug at the centre it wouldn’t look like there was something missing.  Another point we have to consider is with Ru growing at a rapid rate, he will be crawling before we know it, there would be more space for him to play with toys, and less corners for him to bang his head against!

So what to do?

There are pros and cons for both ideas.

If we get another coffee table, will we just use it as a dumping ground like we do with the current one?

If we go to just having side tables, what do we do if we have people round and there is no where to put drinks, pizza?  Most importantly, what are we all suppose to dance around?


Shopping online for furniture can sometimes be difficult.  That’s why I am so glad they have furniture stores in Glasgow, so we can see these babies in the flesh, to help us make our decision.

What to you think we should do: To coffee table or not to coffee table?





Disclaimer: This post is created in partnership with BoConcept, Glasgow.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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