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That Gucci Coat.

That Gucci Coat.

It’s safe to say that Gucci stole the show at Milan Fashion Week this year.

With the bold colours, beautiful shapes and a nod to all things 70’s, every single garment left me wanting to spank all my savings just to own a piece of fashion gold.  My favourite piece from the whole collection was this coat:


I think you can see why this is my favourite.  With the bright, fresh colours and the cartoon-esque quality, this coat can’t help but make you smile.  However, on my wages, I can’t afford Gucci prices.

But what I can do is show you the tools you’ll need to make your own Gucci inspired jacket for a fraction of the price.



For this cape style of coat, there are lots of sewing patterns out there to mirror the desired cut and style.

The Vogue V8959 pattern has the split in the front for your arms and a rounded collar. If you wanted more of a 70’s inspired collar you could always alter the pattern using this great tutorial from the Megan Neilson blog to get your desired effect.


Or if you want an authentic 60’s style coat, why not go for Simplicity S8017 Vintage cape pattern?  With a variety of different variations you can pick and choose which style best suits your personality.  I have to say,  the cape on the cover kinda makes me want to make a leopard print number now …


Fabric Choice?

If you want to go for the blue and pink combination like Gucci, here are some of my recommendations.

Stone Fabrics- Peacock Blue £14.50 per metre.

So, I know that this blue isn’t as vivid and the original blue in the coat; but, after searching high and low on the tinterweb- this is the closest I could find in coating fabric.  I would definitely recommend going for a heavier weight fabric as you risk not getting the structure, and warmth, you need for coat with lighter fabrics such as cotton.

For the contrasting pink lining why not go for a pink viscose from Glasgow’s very own ONLINE FABRIC STORE(!!)  The Splendid Stitch.

Splendid Stitch- Dark Pink Viscose £14.80 per metre.

I’m so excited to have another amazing addition to the sewing world based right here in Glasgow.  The Splendid Stitch has a fantastic range of fabrics and a great website to help tailor their service to your needs.  With being a bit absent from the sewing circle for a while I have definitely got my spark back after reading the outfit of the week blog on the website.  Go and check them out here!

If you want to put your own stamp on this cape, why not go for a daring colour combination.  I spied this burnt orange fabric on the Croft Mill website and thought this on the shell, with the contrasting pink would be something that would turn heads.

Rust Orange Soft Stretch- Croft Mill Fabrics £8.50 per metre.

Now, how to get that cartoon like feel for the jacket.  Invest in some black bias binding to go round the edges once the sewing of your jacket is complete.  This is used in an applique method rather than for finishing off the edges, but gives the look that any Jump from Paper fan will love.

Bias Binding- Remnant Kings £0.30 per metre.

This bias binding is from Remnant Kings and is 30 pence per metre.  You may need quite a lot of it so be careful to measure the outlines of your jacket carefully before buying.  Or – if you’re like me – ask to buy the whole roll in case of emergency!

I know Gucci definitely got my adrenaline going with their collection- what was your favourite piece?  Do you think you’ll be making your own Gucci inspired cape?

Love, love


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