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Tart up your Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank.

Tart up your Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank.

Picture the scene:

Its mid-January and post- Christmas blues are setting in.  It’s still a couple of weeks left to pay day and your bank cards has been banished to the freezer for all the spending over the festive period.  You have been taunting yourself with window shopping; and you know that purchasing that one item would lift the blues and make you feel happy for, oh,  all of 5 minutes.  But, no. No more spending.  Which leads to sad faces and a sad wardrobe, longing for just one more item…


Sound familiar?

Yes. This is the story of my life right now too.

we have no money

January is the time of year when everyone is feeling the pinch after blowing all of Decembers’ pay by the 1st of January.  It’s tradition for me to hit the sales on boxing day and find some diamond pieces; but, this year I have to say I didn’t see anything that gave me the lift to see me through the January blues.

I decided to look in my (already overflowing) wardrobe to see if I could do some DIY on anything already owned to give them a new lease of life.

Photo 15-01-2016, 14 19 30


With my line of work,  I tend to wear shirts almost every day. So, choosing a shirt to tart up seemed like the obvious choice to me.  After loosing many hours of my life pinning my interests and gaining inspiration, I decided if I altered the collar in some way, I could completely change the look of the shirt.  Taking it from basic to something Bowie (*sniff*) would be proud of.

How do you tart up a shirt?

The answer should always be: Chuck some pom poms at it.

Photo 15-01-2016, 14 29 31


What you’ll Need:

  • Pom poms – available from all good craft stores.
  • Hot glue- I used regular craft glue but fabric glue is probably better.
  • Needle and thread.
  • Paper or card.


  1. First of all, play about with the different colour, shapes and composition of the pom poms.  Do you want a subtle pom pom display; or maybe something more daring?

Photo 15-01-2016, 14 31 23


I like the idea of something more subtle, as I want to be able to still wear this shirt to work and not feel self conscious!

2.  Heat up the glue gun and place your paper/ cardboard underneath one side of the collar.  This is to keep the fabric as stable as possible when you are putting on the pom poms.  Also, the cardboard asks as a good guard against rogue glue- you don’t want to get the stuff where you don’t want it!

Photo 15-01-2016, 14 34 39


Then glue your pom poms into place, in whatever arrangement you want!


3.  (This step is optional.)  If, like me, you don’t trust that your glue will last for longer than 10 minutes- grab a needle and thread and do a couple of stitches to secure the pom poms to your collar.  Don’t pull your stitches too tight as it may cause your shirt collar to pucker.

Photo 15-01-2016, 15 13 55


Now.  Stand back and say: “TADA!!”

Shirt- H and M; Jeans -River Island, Shoes- River Island, Belt - ASOS
Shirt- H and M; Jeans -River Island; Shoes- River Island; Belt – ASOS

Well what do you think?  Will you be taking the pom pom plunge?

If you are scared of ruining a perfectly good shirt, there are other ways to jazz it up.  Why not try some collar broaches?  Or, instead of pom poms you could use some cool vintage buttons to decorate your collar?  I have also been dabbling with the idea of embroidery…


Photo 15-01-2016, 14 24 10

There you have it: one simple way to lift a wardrobe essential for pennies! Are you on a spending ban this month?  How you are coping?  Leave a comment below and share your experience.

As for me, I’m off to raid my wardrobe for my next budget saving make!

What would you like to see me make next?

Love, love


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