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Summer Sewing: The Guise Trousers.

Summer Sewing: The Guise Trousers.

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I have always struggled to get a pair of trousers to fit me.  Being 5ft nothing, I usually end up with a pair that fit in the hips and are miles too long; or, the length is spot on but I can’t get them buttoned up.  Having this constant battle when shopping is one of the reasons I have been determined to make myself a pair of trousers that actually fit properly.  I’m not going to lie, the prospect of sewing trousers is scary as there are so many components that you have to get right or you could be left with some hideous results.  In my last post, I spoke about creating a new Summer wardrobe using a few key pieces.  One of challenges I set myself: The Guise Pants.


The pattern is a relaxed fit trouser with two pleats and an elasticated waist band.  The pattern also gives instructions for welt pockets, but I decided to give these a miss this time round – I wanted to really focus on getting the perfect fit! With the challenge sewing trousers presents, there was no doubt that I would need to make a toile to check the fit.  Something I am sooo glad I did, as I had to make so many alterations so I didn’t look like I was wearing a boiler suit.

Photo 30-06-2015 16 51 27


Some of the adjustments I had to make were:

  • 5 inches off the length of the trousers, taking the length from the middle of the leg so not to disturb the ankle seams.
  • 1 inch from the front of the crotch.
  • 1.5 inches from the back crotch and 2 inches from the bum seam
  • 2 inches from the waist

One thing I really enjoy about projects are making the adjustments to the paper patterns.  After finding where the fit issues were, I consulted my “Fitting and alteration” book to find the best way to approach the adjustments.  This textbook is really good for offering multiple ways to help with fit problem but, I must admit, I tend to take the Maverick approach and hope for the best!

After two more toiles, I was happy with the fit- ready to make my trouser.  When I am searching for fabric for a specific garment, I tend to hit up twitter to see what the retailers I follow would suggest.  Before I knew it, the amazing guys over at Cloth Spot had messaged me saying that they had sent me some samples in the post.  The next morning, a massive bundle of fabrics landed on my door step and I placed an order for this beautiful stretch damson.  The speed at which these ladies must work is phenomenal as my fabric arrive the very next day! Guys, I cannot recommend Cloth Spot enough. Their selection of fabric is great and customer service is second to none.  *Swoon*



Photo 18-07-2015 18 07 12

I am really happy with how my Guise Pants turned out, but I think I could still tinker with the fit around the hips a little bit- make them look less like something Aladdin would want to borrow.  As far as first attempts go, I think this has been a resounding success! And, one item of my Summer challenge can be ticked off!

Have you ever made a pair of trousers?  I’d love to hear how you got on!

Love, love





4 thoughts on “Summer Sewing: The Guise Trousers.”

  • I LOVE THESE!!!! Might try making them myself.

    And thanks for the Cloth Spot recommendation…. Im desperately trying to find a decent fabric website that will deliver to France so I’ll get in touch with them now!

    Hope you’re well wee yin xxx

    • Fingers crossed they ship to France! ❤️ You should pop round next time you’re in Glasgow, you can teach me a thing or two about sewing! Xx

  • Wow these look amazing! Just found your blog through the Scottish Bloggers group on Facebook and I’m so impressed by your work. I had a minor sewing phase a couple of years ago when I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer but I just didn’t have the patience! Now I’m hoping to still work in the fashion industry but on the creative marketing/businessy side! Good luck for your sewing journey 🙂

    Mairi x

    • Aw, thanks Mairi! Don’t give up on the sewing- I only started a couple of years ago ! Good luck with your career in fashion xx

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