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Sew Your Own A/W Staples

Sew Your Own A/W Staples

Bright sunny days laced with a the cool, crisp wind snapping at your heels can only signify the start of Autumn.  With the leaves falling off the trees, its time to transition our wardrobes from Summer to Winter.  Whether that be in adding a scarf to your outfit, or a long sleeve tee under that Summer dress, this is the season where you can be more playful with your wardrobe.  Making for some outfit combinations you may not have usually put together in the warmer months.  Say ‘Hello’ to the return of Autumn!

Autumn Leaves

As you may have guessed, I love clothes.  But one thing I don’t love is turning up somewhere and there is someone head to toe in the same clobber as me.  In a world which is so heavily reliant on fast fashion, clothes are worn and discarded quicker than the time it takes to boil a kettle.  Over the past year, I have become more conscious of what I buy preferring to buy vintage or make my own interpretation of current trends.  Although, I haven’t had much (read : any) spare time for sewing anything lately, it hasn’t stopped me from picking out key pieces from this seasons and finding patterns which will allow me to produce my own, handmade, garment.  A garment which you will love for years because you know just how much care and attention you have given in making it.

Autumn/ Winter sees the continual revival of all things 70’s and what can be more 70’s than a pair of wide leg, flare trousers.  The Holly Jumpsuit from By Hand London is the perfect pattern for creating a pair of these bad boys.

Photo 13-10-2015, 11 35 20

The Holly Jumpsuit comes in 3 variations.  A jumpsuit, a playsuit and trousers.  A pair of wide leg trousers with a simple tshirt could be your go to outfit this season.  Whether you pair with a pair of converse or platforms, these trousers will take you from day to night instantly.  Also, you will have warm legs in the colder months so it’s win, win as far as I am concerned!


Photo 13-10-2015, 11 35 28


The next key item to have this season has been around for a while now. The trusty polo neck. I have to admit, I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with this trend.  The overwhelming fear of getting stuck in the ‘neck’ of the top can lead me to feel a bit claustrophobic in them.  However, I have found many a roll top/ polo neck which does not give me that suffocating feeling! Yay! Papercut patterns have designed a pattern which meets both parties in the middle.    I have spoke about the ‘Rise and Fall Turtleneck’ before (click here for a reminder) but I still haven’t found the perfect fabric to create one yet.

Photo 13-10-2015, 11 35 06

It’s becoming clear that we have a love for all things vintage these days.  Not only are we seeing the comeback of the 70’s, the 60’s are also beginning to get in on the action too.  Now, it may be because I have just started watching Mad Men, but I have become completely obsessed with the 60’s over the past few weeks.  The cuts, the colours and the icons of the time have led me to thinking I could be Twiggy.  Only shorter. And no where near as cool.

Last Christmas, I got given a sewing book based on the most famous dresses over the past 70 years.

Photo 13-10-2015, 11 36 14

The book takes you back in time from Bette Davis all the way through to Madonna.  Complete with sewing patterns, it is a great way to create iconic dresses from your favourite time.  I know that I will be giving the Jackie-O and the Stevie dress a whirl at some point in the future.  With the dresses ranging from 60’s shift to 70’s disco there is something to keep you looking on trend this season.

Photo 13-10-2015, 11 36 35

I’m really looking forward to gaining back some time to do more sewing and will definitely be trying to create myself at least one of these guys for my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe.  What is your favourite key item this season? Will you be creating your own A/W wardrobe?


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