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Sew the Margot Tenenbaum Look

Sew the Margot Tenenbaum Look

Since my Gucci Inspired Coat post , I have wanting to write a series on recreating different looks at home.  I juggled with the idea of Catwalk looks, Pinterest inspired outfits or even Blogger signature style looks.  But, for me, the silver screen has always been where I have found my style icons and inspiration.  So I have decided to create a “Fashion in Film Series,” sharing with you guys how you can recreate favourite Characters from films looks at home!

To start us off on this series I have chosen the ever so stylish Miss Margot Tenenbaum.  So get your side swept blonde bob and cigarette at the ready as we recreate my favourite Tenenbaum’s signature look.

Margot’s signature look is a  polo shirt dress and a fur coat, all pulled together with a flat pair of loafters and a resting bitch face.

For the Polo Shirt Dress:


It was much more difficult to find sewing patterns for this dress than I first thought. The only one I could find was this online pattern from Burda Style.

Taken from the Burda Style Website.

This pattern was originally published in the Burda Style Magazine as part of the Beach Day Collection.  This is a print at home pattern costing $5.99 (around £4- ish) and can be purchased through the Burda Style Website here.  One thing to note is that the seam allowance has not been added into this sewing pattern and this would need to be added in prior to cutting.  I’m not usually one for home printing- mainly because I don’t own a printer! – But, always print out a test square, and measure, to make sure you have the print size to the correct settings.



If you fancy a striped dress- like our Margot- this cotton jersey is the fabric for you.  This stunning jersey is from Glasgow’s very own Splendid Stitch and retails at £14 per meter.

Dark Teal and White Striped Cotton Jersey.

To get that distinctive contrasting white collar, how about this white lightweight stretch denim also from Splendid Stitch.  You may think that I have lost my mind- a denim with cotton?  But with denim being slightly heavier in weight you would have a more defined collar and a great contrast to the stripes.

Lightweight Stretch Denim

This fabric is reduced to £2.25 per quarter meter, and you won’t need much for the collar- Bargain!  If I haven’t sold you on the denim, a white stretch cotton would also be great.  Just be very careful when sewing the materials together- it’s never straight forward working with stretch.  Take your time and use the appropriate needles in your machine!

Photo 25-03-2016, 21 32 31

Fur Coat

I know what you are probably thinking- making a Fur Coat at this time of year?  But Margot wore her fur coat come rain or shine. Don’t get me wrong, making any kind of coat is hard work, but it’s totally worth it in the end.  Says the Girl who still hasn’t finished THAT coat.

Looking back over past posts about that coat, I have actually realised it would make the best Margot Tenenbaum dupe.  The pattern is Lady Grey by Colette and you can read about my embarrassingly long journey with the coat here and here.IMG_6713.PNG

With this jacket I am planning to make a camel shell and then add in a faux fur lapel, giving the look of Margot, but saving your pennies- and patience- a fortune.  Working with fur can be quite difficult so have a read at this tutorial by Colette before you get started.


I originally bought my camel wool fabric from Cloth Spot many moons ago.  They have a similar wool here that would be perfect for this garment.  

At £18.95 per meter this in an investment piece, so make sure you have practiced this pattern to get the fit PERFECT before you start to cut.  For the faux fur lapel, why not try this woven fur from My Fabrics.

Note :Buying good quality faux fur is not cheap, but you will not need much of it for the collar of your jacket.  This faux fur comes in at £41 per meter.  So, be sure you are happy with the fabric before you buy.

The first installment of Sew the … Look is complete.  Will you be channeling your inner Margot Tenenbaum? Let me know in the comments below.   Who’s next on my fashion in film list? Find out next week!

Have a great week,



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