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…A Tale of Meat Sweats and Food Babies.

When I was growing up, my idea of a gourmet burger was splashing my pocket money on a Big Mac from Miccy D’s on a Saturday afternoon .  Fast forward 10 years and it seems we are a nation that has gone burger daft.  With burger joints popping up on every nearly street corner, and Glasgow City Centre slowly turning into ‘The Meat District;’ our obsession with the humble burger has grown arms and legs; with local eateries trying to claim the prize of the ‘Best Burger’ in Glasgow.

A few weeks ago, the ladies over at Betty and Bee announce that Rebel Rebel would be running a friendly competition between 5 well loved burger joints to decide who would claim the ‘Rebel Burger’ trophy.  With all the proceeds of the day going to Yorkhill Children’s charity, it would be rude to turn down the chance to sample the sliders on offer as well as giving to a great cause!

Photo taken from @foreverursbetty twitter.
Photo taken from @foreverursbetty twitter feed.
#RebelBurgerBash was inspired by the Great Western Chilli off, with ticket holders going from each burger joint having a bite of the entries competing for the chance to be Glasgow’s Best Burger!  The competitors were Broadcast, Alston Bar, Bread Meats Bread, Bloc and Meat Bar.  Never doing things by halves I was going to make sure that my vote wasn’t going to given on a whim.  Me being me, I made a table.  With judging categories.  Giving marks out of 10.  Yup.  I’m that bird.

Photo 23-08-2015 14 46 02


My 4 essential ingredients to the perfect burger were: the consistency of the patty; Meat to bread ratio; Extra (any cheeky sides/toppings) and taste.  To say that we were harsh critics is a bit of an understatement as I felt I had turned into the Paul Hollywood of the burger world at a couple of points.

Alston Bar Entry.
Alston Bar Entry.
Each entry was completely different and I really enjoyed every one for different reasons.  When it came to voting it ended in a tie between Bread Meats Bread and Meat Bar. In the end, I voted for Meat Bar (I enjoyed it so much I forgot to take a picture!) with their thai chicken meat ball burger.  It was a really spicy entry, which I loved, balanced with thai flavours was simply to die for.  Burger Meats Bun was the only entry which gave you an option of sides, either sweet potato fries or bacon, yes BACON,fries.  Just yum! (I’m literally drooling on my keyboard thinking back …)

Bread Meats Bread Entry,
Bread Meats Bread Entry,
Photo 23-08-2015 15 11 40



After a great day, it was back to Rebel Rebel to post my vote in the golden bread bin and just after 7pm, with every one nursing their food babies and wiping meat sweat from their brow, it was announced that the winner was ………

BREAD MEATS BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Photo 23-08-2015 17 36 41

Massive congrats to all the entries, but a massive well done to Bread Meats Bread.  I really hope this becomes a yearly event in Glasgow- gives me time to make some super stretchy trousers to support the food baby at the end of the day!  To see more updates and photos of the event, head over to twitter and search #RebelBurgerBash.

What is you favourite burger joint in Glasgow?

Love, love


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