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Sinead – About me!

Sinead – About me!

Welcome to Wee & Twee!


Hello and welcome to Wee & Twee!

I’m Sinead, a 5ft 1(ish) Glaswegian lass, with a passion for fashion, sewing and numbers.  Wee & Twee is a blog dedicated to my journey through sewing, with a side helping of the fun and frolics along the way.


The sewing bug gripped me in the summer of 2013, when my friend taught me how to thread up a sewing machine.  After a few minor mishaps, namely sewing myself to things, I manage to sew in a straight line, and haven’t stopped sewing since!
I started Wee & Twee to keep a record of my projects and to develop an online portfolio of my work.  I hope one day to have an online shop offering Wee & Twee products, and to be a part of the already buzzing Scottish design scene.  A girl can dream! *sighs*

If you want to get in touch with a project, question or just want to say hiya, please email weeandtweeblog@gmail.com

Love, love


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