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OWOP: Genesis

OWOP: Genesis

Today is the day! The day for what, I hear you ask.  It is the start of my One Week, One Pattern sewing (and styling) challenge that I’ve been banging on… and on… about for months now.  The challenge is being led by Jane, over at handmadejane.co.uk, and the premise is simple.  Choose a sewing pattern you love and make as many variations as you want, showing off how you style the garment over the course of the week.

 As you may already know, I have chosen the Zinnia skirt from Colette to complete my challenge.  The Zinna skirt was one of the first garments I ever made and was able to integrate into my wardrobe without too many issues.  When I first started sewing, I found it really difficult to work items into my wardrobe as I thought they looked too ‘handmade.’  But, now I look at my clothes as being unique and the fact I have made them makes them even more special!   The pattern has three variations, two of which I have utilised for this challenge.  However, not all challenges are without their mishaps.  Originally, I had planned to make four skirts but in the end I only managed to complete three.


I am gutted I never managed to get my fourth skirt completed.  I had chosen a beautiful tartan-esque stretch fabric, which would look amazing dressed up for an evening out.  However, stretch fabric tends to …well, stretch, and I was left with a skirt that could double up as a circus tent.  Never fear though, I have big plans for the remainder of this material.  I am going to use the Lola from Victory patterns and make a jumper/dress hopefully to wear for the better half’s birthday at the end of the month.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress!



So here are my three skirts!  The Polka dots,  The Flora and …The other Floral.

OWOP skirt

I am so excited to get started with this challenge and there is no time like the Present!  So lets cut to the chase!

Saturdays in my household are dedicated to cleaning, running errands and having a gander around the shops.  For that reason, I went for the button up floral skirt, with my beloved ‘Geekasaursus’  t-shirt which gives the outfit a more casual look.  I topped it off with my comfy Adidas trainers for stomping around town in.  My denim jacket and purple satchel complete the look, along with my Bonnie Bling Heeeland Coo brooch.





Whew! That’s day one is under my belt, it’s time to relax with some cake.  Tomorrow, I’m off to a vintage hair and make-up masterclass, so let’s see if I can rustle up something with a vintage feel.  What did you wear for the first day of your challenge?

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