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OWOP: Fin!

OWOP: Fin!

Where has the week gone?  It seems like only yesterday I was starting my One Week, One Pattern challenge.  I blinked then it was all over!  It has been a busy week over at this end, with  different work commitments and events, so apologies for leaving it to the end to show how I styled my skirts.

The weekend saw a great start to my challenge, with my a casual Saturday and vintage Sunday looks.  But, with the end of the week end comes the beginning of the working week and a bout of ‘Sunday night fear.’  To say I had a wardrobe meltdown on Sunday night was a bit of an understatements.  What on Earth was I going to wear with my skirts to make  them work-wear appropriate?


So after pulling out and trying on, almost every item in my wardrobe here’s what I came up with… **WARNING: Selfie heavy postings below, with lots of awkward posing**


Monday:  White floral Zinnia skirt.  Pink River Island jumper with purple Miista shoes.  Mondays are a helluva busy day for me, so keeping it simple and comfortable, with a dollop of bright colours on the side, helps keep my mood up and power through a day dealing with naughty children who haven’t done their homework.




Tuesday: Ok, so I need to apologies for the darkness of these picture.  I got home from work at stupid o’clock and had to quickly take a picture before diving into bed!  I work my button up floral skirt, with a stripey jumper from primark and my white ASOS sandals.

Wednesday Day Time
Wednesday Night Time

Wednesday: On Wednesday, I dragged my better half to the launch of Topshops AW 14 collection and spent the night shopping, eating hunners of cake and drinking copious amounts of bubbles.  The chips and cheese on the way home signified a successful shopping trip and an couple of sore heads the next morning…

I wore my polka dot skirt with a black sheer top with love heart prints.  My day time boots are from Next and my night time footwear is from topshop.

IMG_6509Thursday:  Thursday is wear your lunch box to work day! I love my Chupachups lunchbox from TK Maxx and used this as a hand bag for the day.  I wore my white floral skirt with a grey tie crop top from Primark and ASOS sandals …again.  I decided to wear my Naromode scarf in my hair to hide the fact it hadn’t been washed in a while.



Friday: Last day of the challenge! I wore my button up skirt with a pink primark shirt, collar badges from Lazy Oaf and my go to black boots from Next.

Like I said before, I can’t believe how quickly this week went in.  My Sunday night meltdown seems like forever ago and my challenge is done for another year.  I think it’s safe to say, I will be retiring these three skirts from my wardrobe for a while…maybe taking a lighter to them would be a tad extreme, but it was definitely how I was feeling on Friday night.

To celebrate completing my challenge I decided to treat my self to dying my hair.  From looking at the pictures of the past week, my hair desperately needed some colour back in it and some loving.  I used lilac from directions, to give my hair a parma-violet make over and I love it.  The bathroom, however, looks like there has been a lilac massacre…



So there we have it One Week, One Pattern done for another year! What was your favourite outfit?  Leave your comments below. I will definitely be taking part again, but would probably make more than three items for the week.  I hope you have enjoyed following my sewing adventures so far.  Keep a look out for my next project where I’ll be attempting my first stretch pattern.

Love, love


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