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One Week One Pattern Challenge

One Week One Pattern Challenge

One Week One Pattern Challenge Accepted

If you follow me on Facebook or on twitter, you will have seen that I have signed up for the “One week, One pattern” challenge which is being led by Jane over at handmade Jane.  The premise is simple; you take one sewing pattern and wear the garments they have made every day for a week.  An amazing styles, as well as, sewing challenge which will definitely shake up your wardrobe!


I am going to go for the Zinnia pattern from Colette. Surprise! Another Colette pattern!  The skirt is a pleated skirt which has three variations.  Earlier in the year, I entered a sew along with this skirt, through the Stitchery Studio, based in Glasgow.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win (I was robbed, ha!) but I fell in love with the Zinnia skirt pattern.  I think it’s a great choice for this challenge, as it can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

I already have so many ideas for more Zinnia skirts; I’m so excited to get started.  If you are new to sewing and need a bit of inspiration to get you stepping on that pedal, this is the challenge for you.  I dare you! What have you got to lose? Nothing!
The challenge runs from Saturday 6th September to Friday 12th September, so there is still plenty of time to choose a pattern and get started.  I love a challenge and I am looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in.  I’m not sure how many variations I’ll be making just yet, but I will keep you posted.


Well, what are you waiting for? Get signed up now!


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