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Tutorial: Nobody’s Child Dress

Tutorial: Nobody’s Child Dress

A few weeks ago, I was invited along to an event for the fashion  label ‘Nobody’s Child,’ in the stylish #Blow Finnieston.   The event was great night and allowed bloggers to get up close and personal with the latest collection; as well as, stuffing our faces with some delicious Tantrum doughnuts.

Photo 16-03-2016, 20 37 44

Nobody’s Child is an ethical fashion brand which promotes fast fashion; but with a conscience.  They are involved in every step of the manufacturing process, from creation to delivery, all the while keeping their prices low.  Nobody’s child really is the epitome of guilt- free shopping.  After the event, I ordered a couple of items from their site and was pleasantly surprised when my little package landed on my doorstep.  I was really pleased with the quality of the construction and the finish of the garments- and to impress a sew-er (if thats even a word??) is a hard task. One of the pieces I ordered was this beautiful navy stripe dress:

Image from Nobody’s Child Website.

The fit of this dress is great but there is one little issue: The straps are far too long for me.  This is a common problem I have with this style of dress, so when I need to do a little tweaking I use the same method time and time again.  Read below on how I alter my straps to suit my short frame. #shortgirlproblems.

What you will need:

  • Colour matched thread.
  • Hand sewing needles.
  • Chalk Pen(or something to mark the fabric with)
  • Pins
  • Kirbie Grips/ Bobby pins (Yes, you read right!)

**Just a reminder, that I am by no means an expert of alterations.  I use a method which suits me- which is usually making it up as I go along.  So my method is not the official ways of doing things** 


1.)  I started by trying on the dress and pinched the straps to get the right length on me.   I then ‘pinned’ the straps together with kirbie grips, creating a little loop.

Photo 11-04-2016, 13 41 14
Excuse mental picture… Kirbie grip loops.

2.) After carefully taking of the dress(hopefully with the kirbies still in place!) I measured the loop- 3inches .  Meaning that I have to remove 3 inches from my straps for them to fit me properly.

Photo 11-04-2016, 16 36 52

3.)  My preferred method of alteration is -what I am calling- a ‘folded’ method, which can be undone/adjusted easily.  Starting from the back of the dress, I measured 1 inch from where the strap meets the main body of the dress and drew a line using a chalk pen.  I then measured 3 inches from the line draw and marked this with the chalk pen. Repeat on the other strap.

Photo 13-04-2016, 11 58 52

4.) I then brought the two chalked lines to meet and carefully pinned in place, making sure there was no fabric overhanging.  This is the fiddliest part of the tutorial- but it is worth taking the time to get it perfect.

5.) Then using a hand sewing needle and thread, I carefully stitched the straps along the chalk line and the excess fabric to the remaining strap, using a hemming stitch to do this.

Give the straps a good press and ‘Voila!’ – a perfectly fitting striped dress.  I prefer to use this method to others is because it doesn’t interfere with the original shape and style of the dress and can be quickly undone if required! (Read: A non vertically challenged friend wants to borrow said dress- no problem!)

Photo 19-04-2016, 17 38 14

Photo 19-04-2016, 17 33 29


I hope this tutorial has been helpful, let me know in the comments box below.  Also, if you fancy treating yo’self head over to the Nobody’s Child website for some guilt free spending! I’ve already got my eyes on this little number:

Grey Pattern Check Pinafore- Nobody’s Child. £18

Love, love




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