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My Little Sewing Haven

My Little Sewing Haven

When I first started sewing, just over a year ago, I had no clue where to begin.  I didn’t have a sewing machine.  I didn’t know where to lay my hands on fabric.  I hadn’t a clue what a pattern was.  Heck, I didn’t even own a spool of thread!

Luckily, my one of my besties, who’s Gran taught her to sew, took me under her wing and got me started on my sewing journey.  She taught me the basics on her sewing machine.  Took me on my first trip to Mandors and helped me assemble my first garment.

My First Draft


My first attempt at drafting a pattern.

A year on, I have went from having nothing in my sewing kit, to having a room dedicated solely to sewing.  My own little sanctuary where I can leave stress at the door and spend hours engrossed in a new project.  Would you like a tour to see where the magic happens?  Of course you would!


 Newly Decorated


I’d love to say that my sewing room always looks this tidy …but I can’t.  It is usually strewn with fabric scraps and spools of thread.  So, let’s get started with the stars of the show.  The sewing machines.

I am lucky enough to have two sewing machines.  A Singer sewing machine and a Janome over-locker.  Technically, the singer machine isn’t mine.  My friend donated it to me when I started sewing as she never used it.  It has never been packed away in a cupboard since.  My over-locker was a Christmas present and is fantastic for finishing seams and cutting sewing time in half.

IMG_6174  IMG_6172

My pattern collection is forever growing.  I tend to buy patterns from independent companies as I prefer the style of the garments.  The majority of my collection is from Collette but I am looking to be more versatile in my choices in the future.  I have recently discovered ‘Grainline Studio’ patterns and will be looking to adding some of them to my pattern assortments very soon.


My dressmaking mannequin is the latest addition to my sewing room.  She was a birthday present and she has been an absolute God- send.  She is called Diana, Dirty Diana or Double D for short.  She is great for fitting garments as she can be set to the size you require! AND, she also doubles up as great display model for clothes you haven’t quite got round to putting away yet.


So there you have it! My own little sewing haven.

What have you got tucked away in your sewing room?

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