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Make your own Fluffy Bag.

Make your own Fluffy Bag.


I hope you have all had a great few days eating, drinking and being merry.  As ever, the festive season flashes past in a blur and I can’t believe it is going to be 2016 in a few days time.


I have been meaning to write this tutorial for ages now, and thought to myself what better time to make yourself a wee summit, summit than at New Year.  If you follow the lovely ladies, Sheri and Helen, at Forever yours Betty or Wardrobe Conversation, you may have spied these fluffy little numbers.




Both these ladies love their orange, their glecks and (most importantly) love their Wee & Twee made roll top fluffy bags!

Want to join the fluffy bag gang?  Well then, keep reading!


This tutorial is really straight forward and should take no more than an hour to complete.  The difficulty doesn’t with  working with fur; it’s actually the zip which causes the most bother- but we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

Photo 29-12-2015, 18 59 46 (1)

Tutorial: How to Make a Fluffy Clutch

You are going to need:

Half a meter of faux fur : Mine is from Remnant Kings, click here for similar.

A lining fabric:For this you can use scraps of fabric you have lying about.  I am using white felt and it gives the bag a bit more structure.

A 16″ zipper.


Sewing Machine and

Hand Sewing Needles.



1.) Firstly, we need to decide what size we want our bag.  I am going to make mine a square of 16″ x 16″; However, you can make yours as big or as small as you would like.

Photo 29-12-2015, 19 24 16

Folding the fur in half, pinning together, and marking the out square beginning at the fold.

Then using a rotary cover and mat, cut out your square.

The reason I have used a rotary cutter, rather than scissors, is because the fabric has a tendency to move as you cut.  Even though I have pinned the fabric together, to minimise movement I cut hard and fast!

2.) Repeat step 1. on your lining material.  I made the length my lining material about 3/8″ smaller than my fur as I want it to sit nicely inside my bag.

3.) Using your sewing machine, sew both sides on the fluffy bag together leaving the top open.  I used a seam allowance of 5/8″ and used a simple straight stitch.  You want to set your stitch length to be longer than what you would using cottons.  Because of the nature of this material, if you were to use a short stitch length your material would pucker.

Photo 29-12-2015, 19 51 56

When sewing with fur, you want to make sure that the fur isn’t hanging out over the edge of the seam.  This can cause lots of problem with your machine- trust me! My overlocker fell out with me for trying to run fur through it!!  You could also ‘shave’ your material to so that you have no fur in your seam allowance.  Making your seam edges nice and neat.

4.) Again, repeat step 3. for your lining material.

5.) Okay, this is when things start to getting a little bit tricky.  We now want to attach the zip to our lining material.

You DO NOT want to turn your lining material the right way out.

This step is really difficult to describe in words ( so apologies before I begin)… you almost want to wrap the zip over the top of the lining and sew in together to make a little bag.

Photo 29-12-2015, 22 13 56

Open the zip and lie the one side on of top of your material with the zipper teeth facing up.  Sew this on one side and then repeat on the other side of the lining.

What you should end up with is a little bag with rough edges on the outside and nice seams on the inside.  If you have this then you are on the home straight!

6.)This is the final step where everything comes together!

Slide the lining into the fluffy outer bag and pin the two materials together, making sure you don’t cover the zip.  With your hand sewing needle stitch the two together and VOILA! You have your very own fluffy bag!  Just in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations!

Photo 29-12-2015, 22 43 12

If you want to personalise your bag even more, why not throw on a Bonnie Bling broach or a pom pom for good measure!

Photo 29-12-2015, 22 44 55

I’d love to see your creations! Please upload using #weeandtwee so I can see them all!

I hope you have a great time bringing in 2016- don’t do anything I wouldn’t!

See you next year.

Love, love


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