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Last Minute Panic Sewing

Last Minute Panic Sewing

The sun is splitting the trees. I’m in the park eating a sandwich, watching the world go by.  It must be summer!  Summer is my favourite time of year.  The vitamin D influx puts a big smile on my face and gives me all the energy that I need to get me through the dark winter days.
If you are anything like me, you leave the holiday planning to the very last minute.  My better half and I, are the least decisive people in the world, so when it comes to making that definitive decision one of us has to step up and say, “DAE IT!.”  After many, many, … , many hours of searching through last minute holiday websites, we finally booked up a week, all inclusive to Tenerife.  Yaldi! Only issue:  We leave next week.
The first thing that goes through my head is, “I need to get outfit planning!”   Which I assume is a typical thing for us girls. Yes? No? But instead of heading to my wardrobe, I head straight to my sewing pattern collection.  What should I make for going away…Then I find it.  Lonsdale dress by sewaholic. Come to me!

The Lonsdale dress is a lovely dress for summer. It has a knot in the front creating a halter neck appearance, which then forms two straps in the back.   The dress above is one I made at Easter using this pattern, it’s so flattering and with no darts, there is no worry of any ‘pointiness.’

For my holiday version of this dress, I decided on a floral blue cotton print, from the Cotton Print Factory located in the South Side of Glasgow.  This print screams summer to me and the cotton material cooling on a warm day.


I cannot wait to wear this dress on holiday and I love the 50’s vibe it gives off with the knotted front.  In an alteration to the pattern, I have sewn in the straps rather than tying them in a bow at the back.  How to finish styling this dress? A slim tan belt and some white sandals!  Hello summer, let’s be having you!

What is your go to summer holiday pattern?

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