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It’s my Birthday…

It’s my Birthday…

… And I’ll get philosophical if I want to.

Well today symbolised me turning the big 2-5. A quarter of a Century, wow- how did that happen?! It seems like yesterday, I was in school being told to wake up and pay attention by my teachers. Now, the roles have reversed and I’m the moany bird getting in the way of a teenagers daily disco naps. What have I become?

A grown up. With responsibilities. That’s what.

Photo 27-01-2015 20 42 39

I have a car. I pay rent and I have a full time permanent job, teaching other peoples children how to count. Things that some folks may view as very grown up. But really, I’m still a bit of a dafty that likes to have fun and enjoy myself. So it leads me to ask a very philosophical question, do we ever truly feel like a grown up?

I’m hoping that the resounding answer to this question is going to be No. I’ve spent the past 10 years perfecting dancing around the overdraft limits and having nights out on my credit card. So why change the habit of a life time! As long as I have a roof over my head, an emergency stash of super noodles in my cupboards and my mates at the end the phone I think I’ll be doing alright. Right?

Photo 27-01-2015 20 50 46

Right. Cos you know what, life’s too short to worry about being a grown up. I’m looking at 25 as the year to have a ball and get stuff done. I have a lot to look forward to this year, and I get to enjoy it with my amazing friends and family. I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without them. My birthday gathering at the weekend really highlighted what an amazing bunch of weirdos I have in my life. So thanks guys, you’ve made this auld bird feel awfa special.

Photo 25-01-2015 11 08 06Photo 27-01-2015 20 33 56


Here is becoming another year older and wiser!

Ha, yeah right…

Love, love


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