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When an email lands in your inbox inviting you to an event consisting of crafting and cakes, you’d be daft to turn it down! So, when I was invited to ‘Hillary’s Crafternoon,’ by the awesome team over at Joe Blogs, I wasn’t going to be that dafty.  Glasgow was the final stop on the craft roadshow promoting Hillary’s blinds new fabric range and along side the team from The Crafty Hen, it was shaping up to be an exciting day.  The guys at Joe Bloggs chose the perfect setting for their event: “The Butterfly and the Pig,” on Bath Street.  


The Butterfly and the Pig is well known in Glasgow for its amazing cakes and tasty treats, so it would be rude not to sample the delights they had on offer!

Photo 08-03-2015 14 41 07


Ok, tasty cakes aside, that wasn’t the real reason that bloggers and crafters had assembled in The Butterfly and Pig tearooms that Sunday afternoon.  We were there to get crafting!

The first project we were tasked with was making a notebook cover.  We were given a detailed set of instructions to work out way through and given free reign on all the ribbons and buttons you can imagine.  I chose a floral fabric and a teal ribbon.  Then I pretty much proceed to get glue gun happy and stuck a range of buttons to decorate.

Photo 08-03-2015 14 37 46

Photo 08-03-2015 14 40 16


I was really pleased with how my notebook turned out.  However, the second project that the gals at The Crafty Hen’s has in store for us was not so straight forward.  Around our table, we had puncture wounds and the beginnings of a healthy looking swear jar.  We were making stuffed toy birds.


Photo 08-03-2015 15 08 44


Photo 08-03-2015 15 12 43


Now, this project lured me into a false sense of security.  Here was me thinking I’d be a whizz at creating me a toy birdy… Yeah right.  The first time I turned my bird inside out, it looked like it have been ran over.  It was not a bonnie looking specimen.  But, after restitching my seams and a couple of small repairs, my project kind of resembled a bird.

Photo 08-03-2015 16 07 53


I had a really enjoyable afternoon at The Butterfly and the Pig.  I finally got to meet some of the lovely bloggers I have come across on the internet and catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while!  I’d like to thank Joe Blogs, Hillarys blinds and The Crafty Hen for an excellent afternoon.  Thanks for having me guys!

Photo 08-03-2015 17 01 21

Want to find out more about Hilary’s Blinds new range, click here to link to their website.  Also, search for #hillaryscrafternoon on twitter to look back on tweets for the day!

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