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Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham


  1. Fail to care for properly.

This is exactly what has happened to my sewing machine after my ‘One Week, One Pattern’ challenge.  I seem to have caught a case of the sewing blues, with the thought of starting a new project making me want to hide under my duvet and wait until the idea has passed me by.  My usual sewing repertoire includes skirts, badly fitting dresses and maybe a cushion or two.  I needed something new to spark my inspiration again.

Something new and exciting is exactly what I got.

While chowing down on a sandwich at work one day, my friend, Anna, came to me with an idea.  Could I make something to hang from a cot mobile that could go in her Son’s newly decorated nursery?  Of course I could!

The theme of the nursery.


Dr. Seuss.


When do I start?

Anna had done her material research and quickly came to me with a fat quarter of a Dr Seuss cotton print.  I am going to cut around some of the different characters, to help create some mini cushions to hang from the mobile.  While talking through what I was going to do, we came up with the idea of backing each of the characters with the famous Cat in the Hat red and white stripes.  We are currently waiting for this material to arrive, but as soon as it does I will be getting cracked on with this project.  (Post to follow)

Dr. Seuss is the epitome of childhood fun and I am still to this day, a massive fan of his books.  Full of fun and adventure, Dr. Seuss books teach both children, and adults, lessons in life and gives way to some memorable and inspiring quotes.  My favourite quote of all time is taken from

Happy Birthday to You!”



My favourite book though has to be “Green Eggs and Ham,” the moral of the story to try new things and be open to different ideas.  For someone who doesn’t really like change, it’s good to remind myself than if you don’t try new things, you might miss something big.  If I didn’t try anything new, I never would have started sewing or began this blog.  So …Cheers Big Man! You give good advice.



I can’t wait for the notorious Cat in the Hat material to arrive so I can get started.  What’s your favourite Dr. Seuss book?  Are you a fan of Green Eggs and Ham? I am, I am Sam- I – am.


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