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The winter weather has finally arrived in Glasgow, with the wind howling and buckets of rain pouring from the sky. My winter coats have been pulled out from the back of the wardrobe and dusted off, along with chunky scarfs and wooly hats. I’m definitely beginning to feel the winter bite, which means it’s time for wool and coating fabrics to be lining the shelves of our favourite haberdasheries. But, with so much choice, I’m finding myself in a bit of a stalemate, which I’m now going to dub ‘fabric-gate’ from now on.


As you know, I’m currently taking a jacket making course and attempting to make the Lady Grey pattern from colette. (If this is news to you click here for a quick catch up !!) Faster than I anticipated, it’s getting to the time where we should be starting to work on our final garments. Which is great and exciting if you have found the perfect fabric… which I haven’t. Sad face.


The Lady Grey pattern is a swing coat with 3/4 length sleeves. I love the wrap tie on the front of the garment as I feel it gives it such a elegant look and finish. It’s such a versatile jacket which is ideal for any special occasions, but you can still wear with jeans and a T-shirt. This is my kinda jacket. However, the hunt to find the perfect fabric to suit both the jacket AND my style is proving to be surprisingly difficult.

The other week, I took to twitter and asked some of my favourite stores and online retailers if they could recommend anything to inspire me. I had some great responses from Remnant Kings, Glasgow and the Fabric God Mother, who pointed me in the right direction of some amazing fabrics.  Now, I was certainly spoiled for choice as both retailers have a great selection of wool fabric.

Daisy Reversible Wool Fabric Godmother
Cerise Coating Fabric Remnant Kings

Both of these fabrics are beautiful.  I love the design of the daisies and how the fabric is reversible, so you can make your item with either white or white daisies.  The colour of the fabric from Remnant Kings is so eye catching, but I’m beginning to have a lot or pink in my wardrobe these days and I want something that is not my usual, go to colour.

So where to turn now? Had I exhausted all my choices?  I was beginning to think that all hope was lost for me finding my perfect fabric to make my pretty coat.  So, I took to Pinterest for some last ditch attempt at inspiration.  And Ladies and Gentleman, I found it!

All images found on Pinterest.
All images found on Pinterest.

The camel coat is making a massive return this season with modern cuts and with a mixture of textures.  Although its making it’s presence known once more, for me this is a timeless coat and is a key piece to have in your wardrobe, whether its vintage or new.  It never goes out of style.  This is what is missing in my wardrobe and I must make a camel coat!  With the wide lapels and collar on the Lady Grey pattern,  I think I can get away with mixing things up with some textures.  So, I am going to purchase some faux fur along side some camel coloured wool fabric to complete my jacket.

I have found twitter a great place to discover online haberdasheries and pattern designers.  While trawling through some hashtags I came across Cloth Spot  and what did they just happen to have…Camel coloured wool.  At £15.95 per meter, this is really reasonable for coating material.  I am still on the hunt for some faux fur for the collar, but I am so relieved to have found my shell fabric.

Have you ever found yourself in fabric gate, or have you found your perfect coating fabric?  Leave a comment below!  Hope you are all keeping warm this Winter.


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