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Make mine a crepe….

Make mine a crepe….

…with a portion of gingham.

I have a slight love affair with Colette patterns and my collection seems to have doubled over the past few months.  When I first laid eyes on the crepe pattern, I was not convinced this was the pattern for me.  It wasn’t until one of the lovely ladies, at the sewing class I attend, finished hers and tried it on for us all.  I can’t explain how lovely it was.  The crepe is a wrap dress, with no closure (no zips, no buttons = WIN!) and is so versatile in style.  This dress could be worn to a picnic in the park on a summer’s day; or paired with a shirt for the work place.  I was sold.

Purchased from : www.fabricgodmother.co.uk

After making my purchase on line, I waited patiently for my pattern to land on my door step.  When it arrived I was a little put off when I realised that the pattern used 4 and a bit metres of fabric.  Yes, you read correctly, 4 METRES.  This amount of fabric I associate with coats and jackets, not for a wrap dress stamped beginner!
Don’t let this put you off, after a quick flick through the instructions, the pattern itself seemed relatively straight forward.   One of the many things I love about Colette patterns is that they have links to their websites for in- depth tutorials on many sewing techniques, so if you do stumble along the way: Colette will save the day!  So… (*note to self*) no need to panic!
I decided to go for version 1, with a rounded neck as this is more fitting with my style.  After measuring myself, I traced and cut the pattern size 4. I was ready.  One last thing I had to do.  Go buy my material.


Recently, I have found myself being drawn to more and more pastel coloured materials.  This may down to one of two things: 1. Pastel coloured hair dye is seeping into my brain and turning everything pink.  OR. 2. It’s the summer holidays and I am trying to will the sun to come out over sleepy Glasgow.  Ok, maybe it’s a combination!
After wandering around the fabric warehouse, my eyes were drawn to the gingham section.  I love mint coloured gingham but unfortunately they didn’t have this in stock.  However, I was just as in love with the yellow gingham, they did have.  My dress was going to look like the little house on the prairie had been sick on it.  It was going to be amazing!!


The construction of my dress was going swimmingly, until I hit the sleeve facings.  It’s at this point having a fabric with no definitive ‘wrong side,’ comes back to bite you.  Be careful ladies (and/or gents) you may need your trusty seam ripper at the ready.  Apart from this minor set-back, the rest of the dress was pretty straight forward. I am lucky enough to have an over locker (serger) which makes finishing my seams and sewing straight so much easier and takes half the time.

After working my way through the pattern, I was so excited when I finished.  Immediately, I tried it on and was so disappointed.  I had made my dress at least a size too big.  Take heed of this warning…make sure someone is there to help you measure yourself, otherwise you will look like you are wearing a sack.

However, I wasn’t going to let this get the best of me.  After doing some pinning and altering, (AND lining the skirt so it wasn’t see through!) my little house on the prairie dress was finished and fit so much better!! As I am of a petite build, I had to take an inch from each shoulder seam and 1.5 inches from my waist.  I also used gathers to get the skirt (and lining) to fit to the newly altered bodice.


I love my picnic blanket dress and it is perfect attire for a summer’s day! I will definitely be making more of the crepe dresses, especially for my winter work wardrobe!

Will you be adding some gingham to your wardrobe this summer?

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