Can I take yer jacket?


Jackets and tailoring.  The pinnacle of the sewing pyramid.  The most in depth and intricate area of sewing you will meet.  A journey which I had no idea I would be embarking on if you were to have asked me a year ago.  But, the day finally arrived.  Yesterday signified the start of my 14 week long jackets course out of The Stitchery Studio.  I was the most excited girl in the world.  It was my Christmas day.

The Stitchery has such a dear place in my heart.  After being taught the basics, I realised I had no idea how to follow a pattern to create a garment, and winging it was getting me nowhere.  It was when the sewing machine almost went flying through the window, I admitted I needed some help.  I found The Stitchery through an itison deal, they were running a beginners taster session which I jumped at the chance to sign up for.  After that session, walking home as proud as punch with my pincushion I had made, I knew I would be back.

My first Stitchery make.
My first Stitchery make.

I have worked my way up through the classes, starting with the beginners class, then the intermediate dress making class; and now I am back, again, for the jacket making course.  I have had so many people ask my why I don’t just youtube everything to find out how to do it.  The short answer.  I am a geek.  I love learning.  And learning from people who know their trade inside out and can tell you not just the technique, but history behind it and why it is the way it is.   Also,  you meet so many different types of people that all share the passion and love for sewing.  People that can offer moral support and empathy when you are unpicking that zip for the FIFTH TIME!!  AND, best of all, you have an amazingly talented teacher there to help get you through those tough times, explaining why something has went wrong or why the tent, I mean, top doesn’t fit you and how to alter it.  The stuff youtube can’t teach you!  So yea…Geek over here.


Completed garment from the beginners course.
Completed garment from the beginners course.
Completed dress from Intermediate course.
Completed dress from Intermediate course.

The Stitchery is the brainchild of Cassandra Belanger, who started her business soon after moving to Scotland from Canada.  What started as a small class in her flat has grown exponentially into a massively popular and successful venture, offering a range of different classes in their new studios!  Cassandra is a goldmine of information and is so talented it hurts.  So, you are definitely in more than capable hands at The Stitchery.

The jacket course is the third class I have taken at The Stitchery. (Poor Cassandra is probably sick of the sight of me!)  And from the class overview it looks like it is going to be full on and intense, with lots to learn on many aspects of tailoring.  I have decided to make the Lady Grey, by Colette, jacket as I think it is a really pretty, fancy looking jacket.  Something I don’t have in my wardrobe.

I have managed to convince myself that I was to make my jacket from Harris Tweed, so I am currently on the prowl to find the perfect fabric!  I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my jacket as I am aiming to have it finished to take away to Paris in April.  My aim is to have my toille complete by Christmas so I can start on the final garment in January.  I am so excited to get going with this project.  Are you making a jacket this winter?  What pattern are you making?

If you want to know more about The Stitchery, click on the link  here to head over to their website.

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4 thoughts on “Can I take yer jacket?

  1. This sounds so exciting! Learning to sew (maybe not clothes, but little things) properly is something that has been on my to-do list for a long time. And I agree that whilst YouTube has a plethora of knowledge – there are times where you really need an actual class to teach you something.

    Morag xx

    1. It’s definitely a better option. Plus, I love meeting new people with a common interest! There’s no better time than the present to start sewing… Especially with the Festive season approaching. Thats Christmas presents sorted!

      Thanks for reading,

      Sinead xx

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