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All Work and No Play…

All Work and No Play…

…Makes me an awfa busy lady.


Hello everyone!  Before I start rambling on, I have to warn you this post has nothing to do with sewing.  The past couple of week have been ridiculously busy at work, in the lead up to exam season, so I have to apologise for my lack of new content and upkeep on posts.  I am still planning on writing my little series on creating film looks at home, but you may need to wait on the third installment.  It is coming though, I promise!

To be honest with you, I don’t really know where this post is going, I just had an urge to write something this morning.  So lets see where it ends up…


The past couple of weeks I have been the busiest I think I have ever been.  With something on every night and putting in 12hr shifts at work, I have been on the road to crash and burn.  With taking on too many commitments, I have neglected the things I love the most: loved ones and sewing/blogging.  But, I have learned is that I really do have the best people in my life and without their support of constant cups of tea, hugs on tap and reassuring words- I would be a proper little zombie.  (Well, more so than I am…) So massive high fives and hugs for that!

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When it comes to blogging I always end up in one of two camps.  The first is being obsessed with numbers: whether it is visitors to site, domain authority or even the number of words in a post, which usually leads me to feeling terrible about myself and comparing my blog to others.  Basically, turning into a downward spiral of doom, which usually ends in tears and a tantrum to myself.

The second frame of mind is when- in a moment of clarity- I remind myself that this is a hobby and I am not doing this blog for anyone else apart from me, myself and I.  I am trying to be more positive in my approach to blogging, but in an extensive and overpopulated market, its hard to get  your blog noticed especially when you are in a niche like sewing!

I usually try and get a post up at least once a week, but have been neglecting my sewing machine for reasons above.  But, my sewing machine will always be there waiting, patiently, for me to go back to her.  And the best thing about inanimate objects: No making you feel guilty or passing judgement!

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What I am learning more and more in my quest to be a fully fledged adult (Ha!) is that even in the busy times you need to take time for yourself.  Whether its drawing a nice warm bath, reading a book or watching that extra episode of Ab Fab, give yourself the time to breathe and let it go.  Over the past couple few weeks I have started back to yoga 2 nights at week at The Yoga Hut Glasgow which has been great for mind, body and soul!  Gemma and her team have really made me feel welcome and its been a great way to get some me time that I have been craving and switch off from the day.

There is light at the end of the tunnel (I think its called the Sun) and after a relaxing trip to London, I am ready to take on what ever life throws at me next.  Have you ever been on the crash and burn route?  How did you cope?  Leave a comment below and we can muddle through together.


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