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A Fine Hair Frenzy : Part I

A Fine Hair Frenzy : Part I

Lately, my friend Katie has been rocking so seriously good hair.  Like freaking awesome hair, the kind that gives you hair envy.  The secret of her fabulous hair.  The Rainbow Rooms on Royal Exchange Square.  She had been asked to do some hair modelling for their new colouring technique called feathering.

The feathering technique is a blend of colour and tones that are bespoke for only you. This allows us to create the perfect colour for your skin tone, eye colour and lifestyle.

The colours are blended together from root to tip, this can be as subtle or as creative as you would prefer.

So when she got in touch and said that they needed another model for their congress event on Sunday I jumped at the chance to get me my hurr did.  For the past year, I have been sporting some signature pink locks, so was excited to get me a new look!

Signature pink locks on Valentines day.
Signature pink locks on Valentines day.

The lovely Lauralee was my stylist and decided to go with a pastel look to compliment the tones which were already in my hair.  In the end she went for an array of pinks, purples and blues to complete my look- which can only be summed up as ‘my little pony chic!’

After a quick trim and a sharpen up of the old fringe, my hair was prepped and ready for Sunday. (Post to follow)  Lauralee is such a talented lady, I think I may have found me a new colourist!  She definitely reassured me about getting my fringe cut back in, and I think I may have fallen in love with it all over again.

Photo 18-02-2015 14 38 30
 Photo 18-02-2015 15 02 56

What do you think of the new look?  Have you ever tried hair modelling ?

Love, love




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