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A Fine Hair Frenzy – Part 2

A Fine Hair Frenzy – Part 2

Firstly, let me apologise for the radio silence over the past couple of weeks.  There has been broken down cars, Maths Camps and a HMIE inspection at work, so things have been extremely busy and stressful over in the Wee&Twee household.  But as promised, here I am with the second installment of my hair modelling journey.  Better late than never!


A few Sundays ago, Airth Castle played host to the Rainbow Rooms Congress 2015.  This event is an opportunity for hair stylists across the franchise to come together to share artistic techniques and talent.  In my last post, here, I shared that this years even was to debut and demonstrate their new in house developed technique called Feathering.


The feathering technique is a blend of colour and tones that are bespoke for only you. This allows us to create the perfect colour for your skin tone, eye colour and lifestyle.

The colours are blended together from root to tip, this can be as subtle or as creative as you would prefer.


The day started with an early morning alarm clock and as we headed to Airth Castle, I really didn’t know what to expect from the day ahead.  Being a 5ft hee-haw lass, modelling is something I have never done or had much interest in- and apart from watching ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ I have zero experience in this area.  But, luckily I wasn’t the only first timer there that day, so that was somewhat reassuring.

The morning consisted of trying to wash my hair in a bathroom sink, last minute scramble for plugs,a run through, wearing all the make up and trying to pad my size 3 trotters to fit into size 6 boots. ( Moments we can know look back and laugh at now.) Before we knew it, it was show time.

Front and Back of hair.
Front and Back of hair.

Photo 07-03-2015 09 05 29

Lauralee, my stylist, done such an amazing job on my hair.  With a pageboy tuck and a vintage wave in front, I think this look has a somewhat futuristic- vintage look to it!  (Talk about a juxtaposition!) The girl did amazing! So much talent right there.

Photo 07-03-2015 08 58 16

Photo 22-02-2015 19 12 03

However, I think it is safe to say that I ain’t no model! With a wobbly walk, in my 3 sizes too big boots, and some majorly awkward posing, I made it through the day, not making an idiot of myself!  That being said, I think I would happily do hair modelling again, as I had a great day and enjoyed watching all the talented stylists of the Rainbow Rooms artistic team at work.  I even picked up some top tips from watching the day unfold.  I really didn’t want the day to end.  However, what a relief it was to get all the kirbie grips out of my head –  there was no chance that hair was moving!

Photo 22-02-2015 18 33 02


If you want to see more photos and looks from The Rainbow Rooms Congress 2015, click here to link to their facebook page.  Most of the photos in this post are taken directly from there.

I hope you have enjoyed my little hair adventure.  What do you think of the look?

Until next time,



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